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Strategic Search Partners in Asia was founded by a team of experienced capital market professionals and a senior research director with the aim of adding some value in terms of professionalism and insight to the business of executive search. This we have coupled with a ‘people-first’ approach which we apply to clients and candidates alike. Our objective is for our clients and candidates to feel that we are true partners in helping them shape their employment decisions and then help them execute. It is important for us to have colleagues, be they consultants, researchers or office managers that treat each other and our business contacts with respect and that we remain compact enough to keep control over these principles.

Our staff have a thorough understanding of the culture and defining forces of the financial markets. We keep a vigilant eye on the trends and abreast with underlying product developments. Our consultants still have ex-colleagues in senior positions, not only in Asia but in other financial centres. Our research staff have the people skills and diplomacy to maintain our network of friends and candidates and to keep our extensive data base current.

We appreciate that it is important for us to deliver. This will involve hard work and dedication, much of it in the evening and at weekends. In return, we expect commitment from our clients and candidates who are sincere. We take a ‘research-based’ approach, where our asset of a strong data base of contacts is the spring-board, but usually just the start, of the executive search. It is important for us to have a real understanding of the position’s profile, and time invested together with the client making sure we find an ideal candidate for the role. This will save everybody’s time. A clear description of the role helps attract quality candidates and ensure a ‘fit’

Hearing directly from the hiring manager about the ‘type’ of person, the soft-skills, and the kind of issues not necessarily best committed to paper(!), help us in the screening process. For locally based prospects, we expect to meet and qualify potential candidates and further inform them about the role. To give them a feel for the job and what is required. In return, we hope to be able to give some essence of the candidate and their personal strengths and weaknesses to the client in addition to the written profile. Understanding what makes both sides tick, can be vital in the negotiating stage when many considerations, other than money, can make the difference to being done or not.

To find out more about our successful placements, please go to our “Selected Successful Assignments” page.



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  • Kai Sieng, Fung Director – Top 10 Best Headhunting Executives for Fixed Income/Debt/Treasury/DCM Categories (Asia Pacific – February 2008)
  • David Powe, Managing Director – Top 20 of most admired headhunters for financial searches (Asia Pacific – February 2007)


  • “Top 12” most admired Executive Search firms serving the Asian investment banking universe: Ex-Japan Asia (February 2004 Headhunters Poll fourth annual survey)
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Asiamoney’s Headhunters Poll was emailed to almost 1,000 senior line managers and product managers as well as the heads of human resources at leading universal banks, investment banks, securities houses, private banks and fund management companies in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Australia. A very small number of the respondents are based in the UK, with hiring responsibilities in Asia.