How Easy It Is to Design Your Life?
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How Easy It Is to Design Your Life?

How many of you have come out a Life Design workshop, feeling pretty rather drained? You should be.  It’s an intensive 2-day workshop, a total of 4 online hours.  The concept is an interesting one, providing some sort of framework and “design thinking” to one’s life.

It was quite interesting to see that (i) there were some people who did not have concrete ideas and (2) there were a number of people who shared the same passions, values and talents. What could these all mean?

Firstly, it could mean that inspirations cannot be forced and will come when you least expected.  Secondly, it could also partly due to some people are not ready and shortness of time. Next, some people may overthink and maybe expecting too much from this workshop. Like other workshops, this one has certainly has concepts that you can apply to both your professional life and also your personal life.  One of the tell-tale signs that you may have found your “Ikigai”, i.e. the a reason of being is that if you found yourself not fidgeting when you imagined yourself in your deathbed.  So, take your time exploring and find your Ikigai.

If you are keen to dive deep in Life Design, you can read more about it in Bill Burnett & Dave Evan’s new book,